Project Description

In response to the WA Hiking Strategy 2020-2030 and the Trail Development Series user guides, the WA Hiking Strategy was developed by TRC together with a broad range of Government agencies, Trail managers, tour operators, Traditional Owners, clubs and organisations.

The guidelines combine best practice trail development and management from around the world, with local experience and knowledge to guide the sustainable development and management of hiking (hiking = bushwalking and trail running) and horse riding (including carriage driving) trails in Western Australia.

Separate sets of guidelines were produced (one for hiking and one for horse riding) to provide the Western Australian community with guiding principles to deliver consistent, sustainable planning, design, construction and maintenance techniques.

Through significant consultation, the guidelines were established to ensure that hiking and horse trails are developed to meet the needs of users, minimise environmental degradation and remain a sustainable, accessible and valuable asset for the Western Australian community.c