Sustainable Trails
Conference 2021
Alice Springs,
Northern Territory 

Sustainability Commitment for the Conference 

TRC Tourism aims to ensure its business practices are economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly. As a green conference we are committed to sustainable practices. 

Our sustainability commitment for the Sustainable Trails Conference 2021

  • Carbon offset all TRC flights
  • Carpool whenever possible for efficiency and use 10% ethanol fuel whenever it is available
  • Minimise waste by ensuring we do not purchase products with excess or non-recyclable packaging and use paperless marketing and correspondence
  • Make business purchases from local vendors as supporting them is an important way to keep money circulating within the local economy and minimises transport
  • Elimination of delegate bags from the conference and the implementation of digital delegate bag
  • Avoid single use plastics and avoidable waste products for catering and throughout the conference which includes the elimination of plastic bottles and plastic straws from the conference centre
  • Promote and advocate to relevant sustainability commitments relevant to the conference

What you can do

  • Carbon offset your flights
  • Bring a reusable drink bottle, keep cup and shopping bag
  • Bring your own name badge/tag, if you do not have one we will provide one at registration
  • Say no to daily room service and reuse your towels, also switch of your lights when you leave your hotel room. Only use air conditioning when needed, keep your blinds down when you’re out to keep your room cool
  • Buy local products to support the community
  • Use the conference bus rather than hire a car
  • Utilise the airport transfers (they meet every flight, rather than a taxi)


TRC Tourism is committed to a zero carbon footprint by carbon offsetting in our business. 

For a long time, TRC Tourism has been advocating, educating and providing environmentally and socially sustainable solutions for tourism, recreation and conservation projects. When reassessing our own values recently, we asked – ‘are we ourselves doing enough?’ Pathzero has helped us assess our carbon impact, and with some small changes, we can now proudly advise we are a carbon neutral business. TRC’s mantra is about making a difference for people and places, joining the net zero movement honours this philosophy.

With thanks to our host sponsor 

What did past attendees think?

The Sustainable Trails Conference provided an excellent opportunity to share best practice across a variety of topics from trail building to governance. Each session was valuable in its own right. Great to see the collaboration between our two countries as we all strive to make the most of this growing community.

Diane Drummond | General Manager | Hauraki Rail Trail Charitable Trust

The sustainable trails conference is a must do for all those involved in the planning, development and marketing of tracks and trails.

Anthony Burton | Principal | Anthony Burton & Associates

A well run and organised conference, excellent speakers who certainly provided a range of information in the topics presented. Took away some key learnings.

Jane Tito | Marlborough

I have been to a lot of conferences before, this was one of the best I have ever attended.

Mick Tucker | Mayor, Break O'Day Council

A fantastic conference. Great speaker line-up with leaders in the field. Learned a lot and made new connections.

Francesca Governali | Conservation & Tourism Fellow | Dartmouth College

The Sustainable Trails Conference provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the importance of trails to local economies and tourism, the amount of work going on in this space, and to share and learn from others working in the field.

Suky Thompson | Trust Manager | Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust