Project Description

Due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, completion of the Porirua Visitor Strategy had been suspended until engagement and consultation with Ngati Toa could be facilitated. 

A number of significant external and internal changes had taken place during 2020 that provided the ideal opportunity to revisit the Strategy process and actively engage Ngati Toa as a partner in the Strategy’s future development and finalisation. 

TRC Tourism were engaged to facilitate a visitor strategy process workshop with a small group of partners and primary stakeholders to establish a pathway to achieving an inclusive and co-designed visitor strategy for Porirua City.

The workshop:

  • Reviewed the key elements of the Strategy and what had changed
  • Enabled discussion and agreement on the desired guiding principles, goals and outcomes of a co-designed visitor strategy
  • Defined an action plan for next steps with roles and responsibilities and timeframes to develop the Strategy.