TRC is committed to, and are actively involved in, contributing to industry and continued professional development of our team. We are currently members of the following organisations…

Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) | The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is managing the GSTC Criteria, global standards for sustainable travel and tourism; as well as providing international accreditation for sustainable tourism Certification Bodies. As a member, TRC is not only supporting the GSTC’s important work of increasing awareness of sustainable tourism, but also participating in and contributing to the efforts to advance sustainability in various sectors of the global travel and tourism industry.
Ecotourism Australia (EA) | Ecotourism Australia is a not for profit organisation focused on inspiring environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism. They design and deliver certification programs for tourism products, representing more than 500 environmentally responsible ecotourism operators and 1,500 products across Australia. EA acts as an advocate for the Australian ecotourism industry and represents the best interests of all industry stakeholders, notifying members of upcoming policy reviews and plan developments so that input can be provided. TRC are affiliated with Ecotourism Australia through professional membership, engagement in the ecotourism industry and shared values of ecotourism and sustainability.
Australian Regional Tourism Ltd (ART) | As the peak body representing regional tourism practitioners, Australian Regional Tourism promotes sustainable regional development through regionally focused research, destination management planning, product development, marketing and development of skilled human resources. It is a hub for collaboration, cooperation, ideas generation, knowledge sharing and networking.
Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) | Parks and Leisure Australia is the peak industry association for professionals working in this sector in Australia, representing over 2500 members. Through a broad range of services they support members to provide opportunities that strengthen communities through good use of leisure time for social, environmental, economic and physical wellbeing of all Australians. PLA services include continued professional development, networking opportunities and information sharing, identification of products for sector development, forging alliances and partnerships, policy development, best practice research and advocating on behalf of the Parks and Leisure sector.
Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) | Tourism Industry Aotearoa is the only independent association that represents all sectors of New Zealand’s large and diverse tourism industry, accomplishing what no single member or sector group could achieve by themselves. They are vocal supporters of the tourism industry, advocating relentlessly to ensure tourism gets recognised as a vital contributor to New Zealand’s economic and social wellbeing. Membership ranges from SMEs to large, publicly listed corporates. Collectively, they represent around 85% of total tourism industry turnover. The more members and support TIA has, the stronger their influence and the more they can achieve.
Economic Development New Zealand (EDNZ) | Economic Development New Zealand is a national not for profit that empowers and enables individuals and organisations either practicing, or associated with, economic development across New Zealand. Membership is the hallmark of Professional Expertise and Integrity within the economic development profession. EDNZ enables and empowers its members through the latest domestic and international economic development news, policy and research, best-practice resource, conference, networking opportunities and code of ethics.
World Indigenous Tourism Alliance (WINTA) | The World Indigenous Tourism Alliance is an Indigenous-led global network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and organisations who seek to give practical expression to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, through tourism. WINTA collaborates with Indigenous communities, tourism industry entities, states, and NGOs which have an interest in addressing the aspirations of Indigenous peoples seeking empowerment through tourism and producing mutually beneficial outcomes. In doing so, WINTA undertakes tourism policy research, organises tourism conferences and workshops, and provides strategic destination consulting services.
IAP2 Australasia | As the peak body for the community and stakeholder engagement sector, IAP2 Australasia, believes that engagement, when done well, improves social, environmental and economic outcomes and increases trust in the democratic process. IAP2 Australasia advocates for all communities to be authentically engaged in decisions that affect them through education and increasing awareness of authentic engagement and all its benefits, in alignment with the IAP2 Quality Assurance Standard for Community and Stakeholder Engagement.
Future of Tourism | We’ve signed on to the Guiding Principles put forth by the newly formed Future of Tourism Coalition! These transformative principles outline a bold vision for the future of tourism – one that retains the integrity of destinations, promotes inclusivity and equality, maximizes positive impacts for communities and environments, and fosters collaborative change. As a signatory, we commit to align our recovery strategies with these principles and build a better future for all.