The TRC team is proud to announce the release of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) during National NAIDOC Week 2024. This plan is not merely a document; it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering meaningful relationships and working purposefully with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Why we have developed a RAP?

Since business inception, TRC Tourism has worked closely with First Nations people across every state and territory in Australia. Overtime we have grown respectful and trusting relationships whilst also continually adapting and improving our collaborative approaches. The visitor demand for First Nations cultural tourism experiences is growing, with Culture featuring at the heart of most of our project work.

Developing a RAP aligns with our TRC values of Trust, Respect and Collaboration and Reconciliation Australia’s core pillars towards achieving reconciliation – Relationships, Respect and Opportunities. A RAP will create a pathway for:

  • Establishing relationships founded on trust and mutual respect
  • Respectfully collaborating with our First Nations partners, clients and stakeholders
  • Working together to achieve sustainable and appropriate tourism opportunities for Country, Culture and Communities.

“TRC’s Reconciliation Action Plan is about working together. Listening to the people out on the Country you are working on when they are sharing stories with you. They are telling you something that is very important to them of their past and family history. Make sure you capture and use that the right way. ‘Bininj’ (Indigenous) way, we share a lot of things – we all talk different languages, we are different skin group, we have different seasons and customs but we come together, treat everybody the same and always have respect.”  – Victor Cooper, First Nations Tourism Specialist Partner, TRC Tourism.

This REFLECT RAP will support our TRC team and partners with formalising the foundations for our reconciliation journey. It will inform and empower our current team with the skills and approaches they need to support meaningful reconciliation engagement. It will encourage the growth of our team with additional First Nations tourism specialists and create opportunities for future internships and training.

“Our whole team is committed to operating under this RAP and view it as an integral part of our mission to build a better, more inclusive future. It is an honour to work and walk alongside our Indigenous partners, and we look forward to driving positive change through respectful and impactful engagements.” – Janet Mackay, Kylie Ruwhiu-Karawana, Directors, TRC Tourism

We would like to express our special thanks to Tracey Diddams, TRC Senior Consultant, for her pivotal role in crafting the RAP, and to Victor Cooper of Ayal Aboriginal Tours for his invaluable support as a member of our RAP Working Group. We also extend our thanks to our talented graphic design artists Samantha Campbell and Gabrielle Fry from Coolamon Creative.

TRC’s RAP is endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, for more information on starting your own reconciliation journey click here. 

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