Get to know the award-winning TRC team. Located around the world, our consultants, associates and partners are all ready to help you achieve your tourism visions.

Janet Mackay
Janet MackayDirector | Australia & New Zealand
Kylie Ruwhiu-Karawana
Kylie Ruwhiu-KarawanaManaging Director| Dunedin, New Zealand
Chris Rose
Chris RoseSenior Consultant | Melbourne, Australia
Penny Spoelder
Penny SpoelderSenior Consultant | Canberra, Australia
Chris Halstead
Chris HalsteadSenior Consultant | Adelaide, Australia
Tracy Johnston
Tracy JohnstonSenior Consultant | Marlborough, New Zealand
Tracey Diddams
Tracey DiddamsSenior Consultant | Alice Springs, Australia
Alistair Henchman
Alistair HenchmanSenior Consultant | Canberra, Australia
Allison Anderson
Allison Anderson Senior Consultant | Hobart, Australia
Debby van der Scheer
Debby van der ScheerSenior Consultant | Raglan, New Zealand
Chris Ord
Chris OrdSenior Consultant | Melbourne, Australia
Lee Brulisauer
Lee BrulisauerConsultant | Newcastle, Australia
Natasha Paul
Natasha PaulConsultant | Adelaide, Australia
Jo Davis
Jo DavisProject and Resource Manager | Jindabyne, Australia
Donna Graf
Donna GrafFinance Manager |Jindabyne, Australia
Michelle Lindsay
Michelle LindsayBid Coordinator | Jindabyne, Australia
Jo Larkin
Jo LarkinConsultant | Jindabyne, Australia
Lisa CheesemanMarketing / Project Support | Coffs Harbour, Australia
Molly Robinson
Molly RobinsonInternal Project Officer | Hobart, Australia
Emmie Phillips
Emmie PhillipsInternal Marketing | Melbourne, Australia
Michael Connell
Michael ConnellSpecialist Partner, Economist | Australia
Greg Grabasch
Greg GrabaschSpecialist Partner, Spatial Strategy | Brave and Curious | Australia
Joe Bean
Joe BeanSpecialist Partner, Spatial Strategy | Brave and Curious | Australia
Victor Cooper
Victor CooperSpecialist Partner, First Nations Tourism | Ayal Aborigional Tours Kakadu| Australia
Clint Wright
Clint Wright Specialist Partner, Marketing | Converge Marketing | Australia
Lisa ChoegyalSpecialist Partner, Tourism | Nepal

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