Project Description

TRC was engaged on this project to produce a Bikini Atoll high-level tourism feasibility study. This included a week-long site visit to Majuro and Bikini Atoll to engage with stakeholders to determine the tourism opportunities and constraints for Bikini Atoll.

The project also required TRC to complete a background information review on current markets and experiences and to facilitate workshops with Kili-Bikini-Ejit Local Government to discuss the tourism vision, range of opportunities and consider constraints, challenges and capacity issues.

Despite difficult access and perceptions over contamination being significant challenges for development of the tourism market, the study found that there was an opportunity to develop a niche market of low volume, high value visitors that would be willing to spend the time and money to travel to Bikini Atoll. Visitors would be attracted to connect to the Bikini history and culture, the Atolls nuclear legacy, and the marine and avifauna ecology which has recovered following the cessation of nuclear testing in the late 1950s.