Project Description

Wurundjeri Aboriginal Corporation was seeking to assess the feasibility of various concepts on how best to develop and utilise a cultural centre – named Galeena Beek – that would become a popular attraction, enjoyed by both existing visitors to the region and as a driver for new visitation. This significant building was situated in a unique location and in need of repair and rejuvenation.

Following the recommendations of the feasibility study the business plan provided clear direction and actions for the Wurundjeri to achieve their economic development objectives over a five-year period in the tourism sector. 

The principal purposes are to provide a place where Wurundjeri feel welcome and at home on their country, and to develop a successful experience that celebrates Wurundjeri and is attractive to visitors. It is planned to include:

  • A Cultural Experience Centre that brings the heritage and culture of Wurundjeri to life through innovative contemporary storytelling
  • Interactive experiences offered by Wurundjeri people that tell a story and enable interaction with community
  • Outdoor spaces that enable Wurundjeri spending time on their country and connecting with their people
  • A range of outdoor activities and programs for groups
  • Accommodation that enables immersion in country and supporting experiences delivered on site and at Healesville Sanctuary.

The critical factors in ensuring the success of the experience of Galeena Beek is heroic enough to be a compelling attraction that visitors want to come to are:

  • Ensuring highly interactive exciting exhibits
  • Places people can connect with the country, the people and their stories
  • Changing exhibits that mean people return
  • Engaging ways to tell stories of people.

The business plan was presented in a user-friendly format that could be easily used by the business managers, staff and involved community members.