Project Description

TRC was invited to be part of a targeted group of Australian tourism consultants to work with Austrade and establish relationships with Japanese Government, Destination Management Organisations and the tourism industry.

TRC’s presentation explained how our service could help the Japanese tourism industry and included examples which helped the Japanese audience to understand the benefits of working with overseas consultants.

In Tokyo, TRC Consultant Tracey Diddams presented our c to over 100 Japanese delegates. The group then travelled to Fukuoka in Japan’s south west, which provided insight into the existing visitor experience in Kyushu and the challenges they face catering for a largely domestic and Asian market. Here, Tracey presented to 40 Kyushu delegates highlighting the opportunities available for the region to become an attractive destination for Western markets.

Although having previously worked on projects in Asian countries, the majority of TRC’s experience had been within Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. A thorough understanding of Japanese market insights, tourism trends, tourism policies, promotion and inbound travelers from Australia to Japan was required to deliver relevant and current opportunity recommendations.

TRC approached the preparation for the Japan Tourism Mission in the same way we would approach a new destination management project as we often work in destinations and locations which are new to us. Thorough background research and analysis was conducted into current visitor markets, trends, gaps and opportunities, aligned to both of the destinations that TRC was presenting in.

Outcomes: Key relationships were established and discussions held around potential future Japanese destination management planning projects.
Output: Presentations were delivered and Q&A sessions conducted by TRC Consultant Tracey Diddams in Tokyo and Fukuoka. These were delivered by Tracey in the local Japanese language.