Project Description

“Make sure we tell both sides of the story – cultural and pastoral. We want stories about park history, park management, joint management. We want – for other people to care about and respect Judbarra the way we do.” 

 (Judbarra / Gregory National Park, Joint Management Committee)

Judbarra / Gregory National Park is a jointly managed national park, the Park’s Traditional Owners work together with the NT Government to manage their country. The Park has a small visitor centre situated in Timber Creek which is approximately 30 years old. As the Visitor Centre and information were developed before the Park was handed back to the Traditional Owners, much of the centres visitor interpretation focussed heavily on European settlement history. TRC Consultant Tracey Diddams was engaged by the NT Parks and Wildlife Commission to work together with Judbarra / Gregory National Park’s Traditional Owners to develop a new Interpretation Plan for the Centre. The Plan incorporates the themes, stories and messages that Traditional Owners wished to share, including the preferred look and feel of the updated centre, layout and interpretive techniques including signs, interactive and digital displays. The Judbarra / Gregory National Park Visitor Centre Interpretation Plan was awarded Runner Up Small Projects 2018 at the Interpretation Australia Awards. Following this project, Tracey was further engaged to undertake the implementation phase of upgrading the Judbarra / Gregory National Park Visitor Centre.  

Through interpretation, understanding; through understanding, appreciation; through appreciation, protection. – Freeman Tilden