Project Description

TRC worked with partners Martin Jenkins & Associates on this project to develop the Niue Sustainable Tourism Plan, identifying a sequence of actions for the next five years (up to 2025) that would address opportunities and challenges for tourism on Niue and that would advance sustainable tourism development.

The intention was for the Plan to be broad in scope, disciplined about prioritisation and specific about activities, timelines and resourcing of priority proposals.

The project was approached through the following phases:
– Identification of sustainable tourism development outcomes.
– Confirmation of positioning and target markets, including a review of what had been successful to date, consideration of the desired outcomes, and discussions with the Niue Tourism Office.
– Scoping and validation of proposals related to the foundations and strategic enablers of sustainable tourism development.
– Prioritisation and sequencing of proposals.
– Development of the Sustainable Tourism Plan document.

The Plan will help protect Niue’s community and environment from the negative impacts of tourism, guide the industry’s ongoing sustainable development, support the community, and shape Niue’s contribution to global Sustainable Development Goals.

Actions in the Plan will be supported by the implementation of certification programs and other initiatives that will be updated regularly to ensure continuous improvement in best-practice standards.

TRC has worked with Niue Tourism, the Niuean Government and the people of Niue towards nationwide responsible and sustainable tourism planning for the past six years. In 2020 they received well-deserved recognition as being one of the world’s Top 100 Sustainable Destinations.