Project Description

Dubbo Regional Council was seeking a Master Plan to guide rejuvenation of the visitor experience at the Wellington Caves complex and associated Holiday Park to position the caves as a ‘must do’ visitor destination in the central west of NSW.
A significant site for Devonian marine invertebrate fossils and Pliocene-Pleistocene mammal and megafauna fossils, and a destination for visitors and students to admire and learn about the cave formations and fossils, the Wellington Caves complex had become an important part of the local visitor economy. The caves were protected in a reserve for public recreation and environmental protection, for which the Council was Trustee.
The Master Plan provided for future development of the site in stages and addressed: site layout and infrastructure concepts; preliminary costings; action plan and timelines for delivery; operational and management needs; natural and cultural heritage protection needs; and actions to achieve ecotourism certification.