Project Description

The Wellington Regional Trails Framework provides a framework for the development of a nationally recognised trail destination, including improved governance and trail collaboration among the partners. The strategy and framework provides the partners with a hierachy of trails and an approach to managing them that will aid the destination in becoming a nationally recognised trail hub, beyond the current collection of individual trails. Recommendations are currently being implemented and include the recent appointment of a Regional Trails Coordinator based in Wellington to deliver the strategic priority actions.

To help deliver a truly regional approach, while providing LGA’s with the certainty they need to continue to manage locally important community assets, a hierachy of trails based on agreed criteria was developed and implemented allowing the important higher priority trails to be managed to provide a regional outcome across LGA areas. Recommendations were also made on implementing regional trail information channels, marketing to visitors, and on ground facilities based on the priority of the trail in a regional context.

Importantly, all partners from local, regional, and National Government are contributing to the governance arrangements, framework implementation and assisting with funding further implementation actions.

Read a copy of the report here… Wellington Regional Trails for the Future