Project Description

TRC was engaged by Whanganui and Partners to develop a Destination Management Plan that would guide the region to become a successful and sustainable visitor destination. Work had already been undertaken to develop a regional brand story and there were extensive plans for reinvigoration of the town centre. Planning was also underway to create a significant visitor experience based on the awa and local Whanganui iwi in the form of an eco-cultural hub.

The Destination Management Plan needed to develop a shared vision for Whanganui as a visitor destination, specifically, how the destination could be managed to deliver the type of tourism that would most benefit the region. It also needed to bring all the planning being undertaken together into an overarching plan for the region. It became clear early in the consultation process that there were strong commonalities with the aspirations many had for the Whanganui region, shared by stakeholders, community and iwi.

The Whanganui Destination Management Plan developed by TRC will guide decision-making and operational actions for Whanganui over the next 5 to 10 years.