Project Description

TRC Tourism worked with Yarra Ranges Council over multiple projects to deliver advice and outcomes for the Yarra Valley Trails. In addition to a report on Governance and Business Models for Recreational Trails, the following pieces of work were completed.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy – 2016

The Stakeholder Engagement Strategy was developed to support the approval phase of the Yarra Valley Trails Network projects consisting of the Yarra Valley Trail and Warburton Mountain Bike Destination.

The project categorised stakeholder profiles and communication protocols around the working groups established. It identified specific stakeholders – their interests, issues and current position – with the recommended approach to engaging with them. It also captured primary risks, key messages and suggested responses to concerns and issues and outlined a practical guide to channels and tactics to assist Yarra Ranges Council communications team in leading implementation of the plan.

Impact Assessment – 2017

TRC Tourism completed an assessment of the social, environmental and economic benefits of the proposed Yarra Valley Trail (planned to link Lilydale, Yarra Glen and Healesville), which would also link to the existing Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail.

Destination Economic Assessment Report – 2018

TRC Tourism and Michael Connell and Associates (MCa) completed Impact Assessment reports for the main proposed trail developments in the Yarra Valley – Yarra Valley Trail, Warburton Mountain Bike Destination and Powelltown. These trails will deliver a broad range of social and economic benefits to the Yarra Valley region.