Project Description

This Strategy was necessary to guide development and delivery of a new suite of visitor experiences in the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary. Following construction of a 14.4km long pest-proof fence, the Sanctuary had been closed to the public while pest removal operations were conducted to achieve a pest-free environment which would facilitate the re-introduction of iconic threatened species such as the rowi Kiwi, Kakariki, Tuatara and Kaka.

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust was seeking to develop the Sanctuary into a ‘must see’ destination for local residents and visitors to experience and learn about the conservation and restoration of New Zealand’s ecosystems through quality products and programmes. 

The strategy recommended a personalised storytelling approach to interpretation that showcased the environment, history and community involvement in the Sanctuary area and made recommendations for core track, Visitor Centre, other infrastructure, and visitor management improvements to provide a basis for quality visitor products and programmes. The strategy provided guidance for the development and delivery of a range of self-guided, tour, education and volunteer products, programmes and events, including linked packages and marketing with the surrounding region.