Project Description

Marlborough District Council engaged TRC in 2017 to provide a Coastal Pacific Trail Feasibility Assessment following an earthquake in late 2016, which had presented a potential opportunity to develop a cycle trail from Picton in the Marlborough region to Kaikoura in northern Canterbury.

The Coastal Pacific Trail Working Committee had already been planning for the new trail for some time, and had undertaken previous work including site planning, stakeholder discussions, cost estimates and demand projections. The purpose of the work to be conducted by TRC was to provide an independent feasibility study to stand alongside this work that had already been completed, present new information and evaluate the previous work to make recommendations about how to best progress the concept.

TRC worked with our economic analysis specialist partners MCa (Michael Connell & Associates) to deliver an assessment that presents considerations regarding strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the potential trail, visitor experience, routes and alignment, short-term strategies, economic impacts and governance.

The Coastal Pacific Trail Feasibility Assessment by TRC found that the work previously undertaken by the Coastal Pacific Trail Working Group was sound and provided a solid foundation for moving forward in planning for this high-quality visitor experience. Critical considerations were outlined by TRC, along with recommendations to enhance the overall visitor experience and attract greater market share.