Project Description

The Kangaroo Island Dudley Trail Masterplan is focused on developing a premier walking trail along the coast of Kangaroo Island. Known for its rugged coastlines, pristine beaches, and scenic beauty, the island is a haven for nature lovers, offering various experiences from nature-based adventures to local culinary delights. This proposed trail, which will be provided with a suitable name in the future,  , is designed to provide unique walking experiences adjacent to the Southern Ocean and Backstairs Passage. It will feature views from cliff tops, shaded woodlands, and access to secluded bays and beaches. The trail is planned to be about 40 km long, offering a 2-3 day walking experience that caters to different preferences, from independent walkers to those seeking a range of accommodation along the trail including pick up and drop off connections to accommodation. The trail will also have a strong focus on cultural and environmental protection. It aims to strengthen the connection to the island’s nature and biodiversity and the living culture of traditional owners. The trail may incorporate Ngurunderi creation mythology, with its focus on Backstairs Passage, Kangaroo Island and to the cultural heritage of the region. TRC Tourism developed the master plan in consultation with adjacent landowners and the community with the ultimate vision for the Kangaroo Island Dudley Trail to become one of South Australia’s best signature walking experience, linking the unique aspects of Kangaroo Island’s wildlife, culture, hospitality, and rural landscapes. This includes strong environmental protections, visitor awareness, high-quality trail design, construction, and maintenance.