Project Description

The seven mountain biking facilities/bike parks collectively labelled as ‘the Gippsland G7 Mountain Bike Hub’ include: Haunted Hills Bike Park (Newborough), Maryvale Pines (Maryvale/Traralgon),  Somewhere Good (Glengarry), Blores Hill (Glenmaggie), Avon Mt Hendrick, Erica, and Mt Baw Baw. Each G7 bike park had been assessed as featuring characteristics unique enough – and servicing a variety of ride experiences and skill demands – to warrant the establishment of, and investment in a distinct Gippsland G7 Mountain Bike Hub product.

The recently completed Gippsland Tracks and Trails Feasibility Study, undertaken by TRC Tourism, had provided recommendations on a framework and priorities for trail development in Gippsland. With two of the three recommended trails for priority development having already been funded for further detailed assessment and economic analysis, this project sought to add a third with development of a feasibility and business case.

As a significant mountain bike experience and brand that would position Central Gippsland as an important national mountain biking region with a critical mass of high-quality riding propositions, the outcome for the Central Gippsland ‘G7’ Mountain Bike Hub was a plan that provided decision-makers with the information they needed to be able to consider scheduling and funding the trail’s development.