Project Description

A 10-year plan for developing new, distinctive visitor experiences and associated infrastructure and services to improve economic outcomes and competition with nearby, well-known tourism destinations. The aim of the Tourism Opportunities Plan is to identify gaps and opportunities for the development of new and existing visitor experiences (activities, attractions and infrastructure) to support the long term growth of the sector and increase the economic value and benefits of tourism to the Hamilton & Waikato region.

“During 2016, the TRC team worked with Hamilton & Waikato Tourism and regional stakeholders to develop a comprehensive Tourism Opportunities Plan to identify opportunities for new and improved visitor experiences that had the greatest potential to drive growth. The TRC team brought significant experience in destination management and planning and a fresh perspective to the project. They were excellent to work with, engaged effectively with stakeholders and applied critical insights and analysis to complex issues.”
Kiri Goulter

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Hamilton and Waikato Tourism Opportunities Plan