Project Description

The Kāpiti region offers Wellingtonians a place to escape and ‘unplug’ from their busy city life with the easy access to nature, beaches and a more favourable climate being key drawcards for both day-trippers and multi-night stays. However, beyond this natural offering, there lacked a solid market positioning of what Kāpiti could offer potential visitors.

As a result, Kāpiti as a sustainable tourism region required significant attention and investment in both ensuring that its tourism offering was well stocked with quality experiences that would appeal to its customer base, and that its promotional efforts accurately and successfully reflected this.

This Destination Management Plan developed by TRC aims to help achieve this, by providing a long-term strategic framework to strengthen the whole of the Kāpiti visitor economy through sustainable development and visitation. Bringing all the key elements of the industry together, the DMP aims to guide tourism development, marketing and industry involvement, and improve visitor experience and infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of increasing the value of the Kāpiti visitor economy by increasing the number of visitors, their length of stay, and the ability to spend more money in the region.