Project Description

Known as one of the world’s most spectacular and challenging treks, the Kokoda Track traverses the rugged Owen Stanley Ranges in Papua New Guinea.

With the 2019 trekking season approaching, the task of undertaking essential maintenance and repair work to ensure safe passage of the 3,500 trekkers who would set out to take on the famous 96km track in the upcoming season was necessary. The repairs were also essential for the 91 communities along the track, who were cut off by some of the worst flooding in many years that had washed away bridges. This work is managed by the Kokoda Track Authority, with the support of the Australian Government through the Kokoda Initiative.

TRC was engaged to provide on-the-ground specialist assistance and logistical support, in addition to the task of developing an Operations Manual which would contribute to the ongoing management of the Kokoda Track as an internationally recognised cultural, natural and wartime visitor experience from which communities and businesses can prosper.


In addition to the physical and logistical challenges of working for an extended period of time in a jungle environment, it was essential that prioritisation, decision-making and operational planning followed. The Kokoda Track Authority, as part of the greater Kokoda Initiative, is going through a positive period of change and specialised operational and strategic assistance is integral to this change. 


The Operations Manual was structured into 3 chapters including 9 elements that could be referenced independently depending on need or could be read as one complete document. It is intended that depending on their requirement, the reader will select what they need from the information presented and seek additional information from the appendix and references provided.


Outcomes: In recognition of the developing nature of the Kokoda Initiative, the Operations Manual has been adopted by the Kokoda Track Authority as a draft, in sync with the evolving nature of the organisation at present.

Output: Track Maintenance completed and Operations Manual delivered.