Project Description

TRC prepared an assessment of the feasibility of a National Wetland Centre located at Rotopiko/Lake Serpentine in the Waikato. The Centre is a nationally significant restoration project being developed in order to achieve the National Wetland Trust’s vision of “the appreciation of wetlands and their values by all New Zealanders, and the enhancement and restoration of wetlands throughout New Zealand”. The Centre would play an important role in educating the general public, and specific interest groups such as farmers, on the benefits of wetlands and their role in protecting and restoring New Zealand’s water quality, native flora and fauna, and essential role in managing climate change.

TRC reported that support for the Centre was high, evident by the significant progress that had been made over recent years restoring the site and installing basic infrastructure. It would provide a safe recreation space for local residents, bring together volunteers, and become a highly appealing visitor attraction for Waipa and Waikato. TRC’s report also identified the target markets for the Centre, development costs, estimated revenue and risks.