Project Description

East Gippsland Shire Council required an assessment on the opportunity to develop and establish Omeo as a mountain biking destination.

Previous investigations and subsequent successful funding had supported the proposal of mountain biking contributing to the economic growth of the Omeo region and encouraging tourism.

Through potential collaboration with neighbouring municipalities, businesses, communities and interest groups, Omeo had the opportunity to grow support for mountain biking by linking existing products and experiences or creating new ones.

TRC was engaged to provide an economic assessment of Omeo as a mountain biking destination; associated opportunities related to establishing mountain biking; an overview of environmental and planning issues; project implementation, governance; ongoing management and operations; and a final business case.

The business case also needed to meet Victorian Government (Department of Treasury and Finance) requirements.

TRC found that the development of Omeo as a mountain biking destination would generate substantial positive economic benefits for the region, during the construction phase and in the operations phase.

The analysis also showed the importance of attracting overnight visitors to the trail, as these users had a significant spend in the region.

Combined with the existing tourism offer in Omeo and surrounds, TRC recommended that development of destination would not only help to bring additional visitors to Omeo, but would also keep them in-region longer and provide long-term economic and social benefits for the Omeo community.

TRC provided the evidence base and discussion to inform decision-makers on the future investment options for the proposed Omeo mountain bike destination.