Project Description

The Queenstown Biking Market Development Plan was produced by TRC Tourism for Destination Queenstown. A key goal for this report was to enable Destination Queenstown to assist the diverse range of stakeholders involved in the biking market to contribute to its future development and promotion in a coordinated and cohesive way. It considered this from an overarching destination management perspective, with a key focus also being to identify ways in which benefits can be brought to the wider Queenstown community.

TRC undertook a market analysis of mountain biking in Queenstown and ascertained visitor characteristics, values and numbers. This report divided the market into ‘Holiday First’ and ‘Passion First’ visitor types. The competitive landscape was also investigated, with the Queenstown biking offer compared directly against domestic, Australasian, and global counterparts.

Following this, TRC provided a vision and aspirations for mountain biking in Queenstown and outlined the environmental, economical, social, and cultural benefits and challenges. Strategic priorities and a step-by-step approach were then provided.