Project Description

TRC’s work in planning for this trail network is a benchmark in ongoing planning and adaptive management of a major trail network in New Zealand. TRC initially led a team in 2004 that developed the Wakatipu Trails Strategy which guided development of a world class 190+ km network of walking, hiking and biking trails across multiple tenures in the iconic nature based and adventure destination of Queenstown in New Zealand’s South Island. The trail network is an important local and tourism asset.

In 2015 TRC was engaged to develop a new strategic plan to guide the next phase of trail development and management. In close consultation with trail stakeholders and the community, the outcomes of the first strategy and changes affecting use of the trails were analysed and a vision and performance targets were agreed. The new plan addressed the need to complete trail linkages for local resident and visitor use, strategies to improve trail experience delivery, ways to promote increase use and community stewardship of trails, improved information gathering, and sources of sustainable funding for trail development and management.

Read a copy of the report here… Queenstown Trails for the Future 2015-2025