Gotta love it when a good plan comes together

The Red Centre Adventure Ride Mountain Bike Trail plan was an action identified in the Northern Territory Mountain Bike Master Plan TRC Tourism completed in 2016.

This visionary Territory-wide strategy and comprehensive approach for development of sustainable mountain biking for visitors and residents that brings recreational, social and economic benefits to the Territory.

It recommended development of Alice Springs as a premier destination for world class mountain biking; As a result of the Masterplan, TRC developed the Red Centre Adventure Ride concept plan for a new long distance backcountry mountain biking experience through the Tjoritja/ West MacDonnell National Park, west of Alice Springs.

The Red Centre Adventure Ride concept was a mountain bike trail plan TRC developed for a 200km trail between Alice Springs and Glen Helen, an established visitor destination near the western end of the MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory.

The trail can be accessed at a number of points along the route from existing visitor points. The ride is designed to be suitable to a range of visitor markets and cycling abilities including a 4-5 day ride on a core trail designed as an accessible, wide, easy single track or shorter rides on 2 loop trails or on different portions of the main trail.

With mountain bike trail plan development, it is important to carryout extensive stakeholder consultation with local MTB clubs, potential riders and experts in the experience and their suggested ratings from a user perspective.

Here’s our mountain bike trail plan process for Red Centre Adventure Ride:

1. Market analysis

TRC conducted market analysis to determine the best experience options for the region and its current and potential markets

2. Established the trail concept and route

TRC determined the concept and chose the route after careful assessment of the area’s values and constraints, the environmental, sustainability and climatic factors, the aspirations of the area’s traditional owners, and after assessing potential opportunities for partnerships for linked products, accommodation and services.

3. Feasibility of the proposed trail

Feasibility was further assessed and analysed via estimation of future visitor use and expenditure, a cost-benefit analysis and with modelling of the economic impacts of construction and trail operation in the region. A prioritised works package was also provided for construction purposes.

4. Trail alignment assessment

A detailed trail alignment assessment followed by planning and documentation was conducted to create a trail that was environmentally sustainable and blended into the landscape. Indicative trail construction costs were estimated as part of the process.

TRC Tourism’s Concept Plan for adventure cycling in the Tjoritja/West MacDonell National Park exceeded expectations. The case it presents for a new, nationally significant tourism product is so compelling it has attracted immediate government investment and presents exciting opportunities for private investors and Aboriginal Traditional Owners.

Mac Moyses, Director, Planning Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission 

The benefits of this mountain bike trail plan for riders and community

This trail will be able to be cycled by fully independent riders and by riders on self-guided and guided tours through high end or standard packages and on-trail or off-trail accommodation.

It is intended that the ride will be supported by local operators, including by Aboriginal communities, for whom there is also potential for involvement in interpretation activities and trail construction and maintenance. Such services include transport, equipment and bike hire, repair and retail, food and beverage supply, long stay parking at trailheads, and bike-friendly accommodation in Alice Springs.

Our partners

TRC completed this work in partnership with Coffey, Destination Trails and Tricky Tracks and working together with the Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture, Aboriginal Traditional Owners, Central Land Council and a group of local Aboriginal trainees.

The joint knowledge and skills of this collective team were critical to ensure the Red Centre Adventure Ride trail is world class.

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