The survey found that advanced riders spent more on their trip than other types of riders, with advanced riders spending an average of $2,000.65 per trip. This included $244 on food and $89.39 on bike equipment. Casual or beginner overnight visitors spent an average of $880.74 per trip. In the case of day visitors however, intermediate users spent more than enthusiasts, with the expenditure for intermediate day visitors $403.44, and advanced riders $378.25. This spending includes transport to and from Queenstown ($115.41), tickets and gondola fees ($90), and snacks and meals ($48.71). Intermediate day visitors spent more than advanced riders on coaching, guiding or instructing and on bike hire. While advanced day visitor riders spent more on tickets and Gondola fees than beginner riders, they spent less on bike hire and bike maintenance. In total, economic modelling indicated mountain bikers spent $64.955 million a year in the Queenstown region.