Papua New Guinea recently became the 19th signatory of the Pacific Leader’s Sustainable Tourism Commitment (SOC).  

The SOC is an initiative of the Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO), the mandated organisation representing tourism in the region. SPTO has 21 government embers and 200 private sector members.  

TRC is extremely proud to have led the development of The Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework (PSTPF) which sets out the vision, policies and actions needed to transform tourism to make it more sustainable and provide greater benefits to the communities of the Pacific.  

The Pacific Council of Tourism Ministers endorsed the PSTPF in November 2021, committing long-term support to rebuild and transform Pacific tourism so that it is resilient, prosperous, and more inclusive. This commitment was further bolstered by support from a coalition of tourism leaders including the industry, community, and development partners. 

TRC has continued to support the SPTO with technical guidance to implement the framework. We prepared a formal Statement of Commitment signifying public commitment by national Tourism Ministers to take meaningful action to implement the PSTPF, and to work together as a region to advance sustainable tourism. 

We congratulate Papua New Guinea on publicly pledging their commitment to a sustainable tourism future.