Rich in natural biodiversity and cultural history, the Solomon Islands is an up and coming tourism destination with much to offer to travellers who are keen to immerse themselves in new and unique experiences.

This has made it all the more important for the Island’s leadership to commit to sustainable development initiatives such as the Pacific Sustainable Tourism Statement of Commitment (SOC), which was signed by Hon. Bartholomew Parapolo on 25th May, 2022.

The Honourable Minister in recognising the importance of the regional initiative in forging a sustainable and responsible recovery acknowledged the spirit of solidarity shown by his fellow Ministers.

“As our country advances its reopening plans, this is a significant step for us and it signifies our commitment to our shared vision for a better future for our people and planet through sustainable tourism” he said.

The Solomon Islands is now the eighth SPTO Pacific island member to endorse the SOC, joining the Federated States of Micronesia, Samoa, New Caledonia, Niue, Vanuatu, Timor Leste and Tokelau.

Through the SOC Pacific Leaders’ have committed to elevating sustainable tourism as a regional priority for environmental, socio-cultural and economic development. These commitments are attributed to the Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework (PSTPF), which envisions that by 2030 – “We are empowered by and benefitting from tourism that is resilient, prosperous and inclusive. It improves the wellbeing of our communities and protects, restores and promotes our cultures, islands and ocean eco- systems”.

In acknowledging Solomon Islands support, SPTO CEO Mr. Christopher Cocker, noted the importance of the Commitment in relation to tourism transformation for the benefit of future generations.

“There are many strong benefits to be gained from committing to sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism considers the economic, cultural, and environmental impacts tourism activities have on present and future generations. Through the Statement of Commitment we have an opportunity to secure high- level support for making our industry more resilient, prosperous and inclusive”, he said.

Source: SPTO

TRC is extremely proud to have led the development of The Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework (PSTPF) which sets out the vision, policies and actions needed to transform tourism to make it more sustainable and provide greater benefits to the communities of the Pacific.