Featured image photo credit: Adam Bruzzone

TRC and Brave and Curious feel privileged to be involved in the development of Arkaroola ‘The Dawn of Animal Life’ Concept Plan. The project involved working with the managers of the Arkaroola Protection Area site to assist the South Australian Government in pursuing the potential for selected parts of the Flinders Ranges to be inscribed as World Heritage.

The concept planning underpins the Arkaroola Protection Area as a key Flinders Ranges World Heritage destination, representing one of the seven separate areas of the Flinders Ranges World Heritage ‘Component Parts’.

The Flinders Ranges is an outstanding Australian landscape that has a rich Aboriginal heritage and recognised for its wealth of biological, geological and cultural value. The remarkable geological and palaeontological values that are of international significance, tell us about aspects of the history and the evolution of animal life on earth.

The outcome of the ‘The Dawn of Animal Life’ Concept Plan design provided a landscape orientated, spatial experience that supports the existing strengths of Arkaroola, through functional elements that improve the comfort and informative value of the wilderness experience without detracting from the raw nature of the ranges.

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