Alistair from TRC spent the last couple of weeks travelling throughout the Wimmera Mallee region in western Victoria with Greg Grabash and Joe Bean from our partner firm Brave and Curious visiting 16 towns and 24 caravan parks looking at ways of making these more attractive for visitors and better places to live. The project is being developed for Wimmera Mallee Tourism across the shires of West Wimmera, Hindmarsh, Yarriambiak and Buloke and involved the team facilitating discussions with local community and business representatives in each town and meeting with caravan park managers.

Recommendations will include streetscape improvements, facilities upgrades and other initiatives, working on the assumption that improving the liveability of the towns will increase their appeal for visitors as well. We are inspired by the efforts and investments by many small communities in providing for themselves, with fuel stations, hotels, supermarkets, caravan parks and other businesses established to provide local employment and services for locals and visitors alike. These are great examples of resilient people taking their future into their own hands to improve their community.