Congratulations to the Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) – the winner of the Commonwealth Secretary General’s Award for Innovation in Sustainable Development.

This award was for the Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework and the Pacific Sustainable Tourism Standard.

TRC Tourism is incredibly proud to have worked with SPTO on these projects to support the sustainable transformation of the Pacific region’s tourism sector, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We also wish to congratulate the Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) and their 19 member nations who instigated the concept of the framework, asked us to work alongside them and forged the framework’s direction by openly sharing their aspirations, needs and priorities with us.

At TRC we are committed to tourism for good – good for people, good for places. Being acknowledged as winners in the ‘Promote Partnerships for development in the Commonwealth’ category is welcome validation that we are achieving the outcomes we set out to achieve.

As leading sustainable tourism experts in the Pacific region, our work centres on supporting destinations to contribute to the global Sustainable Development Goals. We understand how important it is for Pacific Communities to protect their island and ocean environments, their rich and diverse cultures and ensure communities are benefitting from sharing their home, way of life, customs and culture with visitors from around the world.