From spectacular coastlines to country mountain peaks, the District of Cleve is truly a hidden gem in South Australia’s crown. Located on the spectacular Eyre Peninsula, the region’s small population punches well above it’s weight as a core land and sea producer and an innovator. The District Council of Cleve is united in creating a sustainable future for local communities, while protecting and enhancing the regions natural values, so developing an Ecotourism Strategy seemed like exactly the right place to start. Despite it’s incredible beauty, regional character and history, the District of Cleve hasn’t been considered a tourism destination previously. But once word gets out there, we have no doubt this will change!

TRC Consultants Tracey Diddams and Natasha Paul were privileged to spend time exploring the District of Cleve last week together with passionate and inspiring local community members, keen to share their stories of what they love most about their home.

An Ecotourism Strategy for the District of Cleve will work in harmony with the land and sea management initiatives, population growth and resilience strategies the Council is proactively developing. As traditionally a non-tourism focused destination, the District has the opportunity to start with a clean slate – and get it right from the start. This means tourism is proudly owned and shared by local people, development protects and further enhances regional values, communities flourish, people love where they live and the District of Cleve continues to be a ‘hidden gem’ enjoyed and appreciated by visitors for generations to come. This is only the beginning of some incredible stories the District of Cleve has yet to share – we are very excited to be a part of their journey.

Image credit: District Council of Cleve, TRC Tourism