TRC is pleased to be working with the Blue Mountains City Council to co-design a destination management plan through the development of a stewardship framework. This will lay a solid foundation for effective governance, coordination and collaboration that optimises the visitor experience for visitors and for locals. 

“Stewardship is not just about managing a destination, but caring for it and all of its dimensions,” project lead, TRC Senior Consultant Dr Alli Anderson, says. “Creating a tourism industry that builds the capital of place, people, culture and economy rather than depleting it, is critical to the longevity of a destination. This project draws from international best practice, including the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s Destinations Criteria and the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Destination Stewardship Framework.” 

We’re also very happy to have Senior Consultant Kylie Ruwhiu-Karawana on the project, who has delivered many similar projects across New Zealand.  “(These projects) don’t seem to be so common in Australia, but New Zealand has been focused on stewardship as a basis for destination management plans for a long time,” Kylie says. “We have worked across the country with many communities to help them articulate what their values are and how they can be represented in a plan for tourism. We particularly recognise how critical it is to engage with First Nations people in a destination in their time and on their terms. If they’re not ready, we make sure we leave the door open for them so they can be a part of it when they are.” 

As an Eco certified destination recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) has committed to meeting internationally recognised best practice standards across the four sustainability pillars: economic, social, cultural, and environmental. TRC is privileged to be working with them on this exciting project.

Selfie of senior consultant Dr Alli Anderson in front of the warmly light three sisters, Blue Mountains. Senior consultant Kylie Ruwhiu-Karawana pictured speaking to a panel of business professionals for the Blue Mountains DMP.

Images: Senior Consultants Dr Alli Anderson and Kylie Ruwhiu-Karawana pictured conducting a stakeholder workshop and getting to know the destination.