With a boom in trail construction over the last 5 years, now comes the inevitable trail maintenance requirement for community trail assets.

TRC is offering local government area access to our expert trail specialists to bring experience and insights to your trails. We want every community to have well maintained trails with plans in place for sustainability and longevity.

Thank you for considering our Trail Maintenance and Strategic Plan Offering. These tailored packages are designed to assist local government areas get a head start on improving and preserving trail systems, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of residents and visitors. Our basic package includes an assessment, customised trail maintenance plan, initial recommendations and simple strategies for efficient trail maintenance, long-term sustainability, and community engagement.

The Trail Maintenance and Strategic Plan Offering is priced from $6,000 – $12,000 (excluding GST). This investment will enable you to develop an insightful plan for your trail network, helping you save time and resources while ensuring a plan for the longevity of your trails. Until the end of December, we are offering a discounted service to develop Trail Maintenance and Strategic Plans.


Purchasing Details

Invest in the future of your local trail system and ensure the well-being of your community. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your trails with our tailored packages. This offer is available for take up until end of December at the discounted rates. The work can be scheduled between December 2023 – end March 2024.

To purchase our Trail Maintenance and Strategic Plan Offering, please contact TRC office on +61 2 6456 2722 or email us at enquiries@trctourism.com We are available to answer any questions, provide additional information, and discuss your unique trail requirements.

*Site visit may incur additional travel costs depending on proximity of our trails specialist.