TRC was thrilled to get an email from Break O’Day Council on the north of Tasmania’s east coast this week thanking us for our work and advising that their application to the Regional Jobs and Investment Program to build the St Helens MTB Network has been successful, and they have $1.5 million in Federal funding coming their way. This was the final piece of the funding puzzle for the project which involves the Bay of Fires Descent as well as the St Helens Network. It goes with the state government funding of $1 million and previous federal funding of $1.6 million for the Bay of Fires Descent. Council has also allocated about $600,000 to the project. TRC has completed a number of related projects in north eastern Tasmania, including strategic planning for new trails, and measuring the economic impact of mountain biking in the region. “It is great to be starting to see the long term impact of our work in this beautiful part of the world,” said TRC Director Janet Mackay on hearing the news.

Equally as thrilling was the news that the Red Centre Adventure Ride for which TRC recently completed the concept and feasibility had been fully funded with an allocation of $12 million from the NT Turbocharging Tourism Action Plan. “Given the plan was only completed in January it is extremely exciting to see it fully funded so quickly and it will be wonderful so see that on the ground as well” said Janet. “This is another ride that everyone will want to do”.