This year, as we celebrate World Tourism Day on September 27, we are considering the theme, Rethinking Tourism. The United Nations World Tourism Organization chose the 2022 theme as a call for those actively involved in the tourism industry, and tourists, to start “re-imagining the sector’s growth, in terms of both size and relevance”.

At TRC Tourism, we have worked for 20 years with all levels of government and the private sector in countries around the world to inspire, conceptualise, develop and implement sustainable solutions for people, places and cultures. Our three pillars of Tourism, Recreation and Conservation (TRC) are underpinned by the services we offer in sustainable destination planning, feasibility studies and experience and product development.

We believe tourism is a vehicle for everyone to realise their needs to explore, discover and reconnect, whether in their own home and community, or one they are visiting. And of course, it is an important economic enabler, creating opportunities and pathways that would not otherwise be available, for communities and individuals.

In 2022, the theme Rethinking Tourism is especially pertinent as the sector looks for ways to manage the economic impacts of COVID-19, while continuing to prioritise initiatives that minimise environmental impacts.

There won’t be any overnight solutions, and all stakeholders need to be on board with the big picture strategy of incremental change to strengthen, diversify and build resilience in the overall tourism system. It requires open discussions about what defines “better tourism” in your destination and for your community and requires continuous work to leverage opportunities and implement solutions to challenges as they arise.

The tourism sector has long excelled at moving with trends and delivering what the visitor wants. While that is important, the focus has shifted to long term and adaptable solutions that put the needs and health of our people and places first. It is this approach that will provide the most enduring economic and environmental resilience and growth.

Our world and its people are changing – environmentally, socially and culturally, and tourism has the solutions that enable us to honour the past, make the most of the present, and be inspired to actively work towards a better future.

At TRC, we are leaders in this way of thinking. We have worked on thousands of projects around the world that have delivered sustainable tourism experiences and billions of dollars in economic impacts for communities.

As we continue to build our experienced team and their diverse skillset, we look forward to co-designing the tourism products and experiences of the future with our clients and their stakeholders, with the long-term, sustainable benefits to people and places at the forefront of our minds.

We would love to know, whether you are an operator, destination manager or a traveller, how have you changed your thinking about tourism lately?