The New Zealand visitor economy is forecast to grow by 6.2% per annum through to 2023.  International tourism is now the country’s largest export earner.

Visitor spend makes a significant contribution to regional economies through the jobs it creates and the new money it brings into the region.

Councils play a key role in providing regional infrastructure, facilities and services such as convention centres, visitor centres, transport terminals, toilets, museums, galleries, airport and port used by visitors.  Councils also fund visitor promotion and event attraction delivery and are responsible for setting by-laws that impact on tourists’ perceptions of their region and behaviour when they visit.

Visitor promotion sets the scene for a region.  Getting it right increases visitor spend, and can entice visitors to become employees, residents, business owners and investors to grow the local economy and ensure the ongoing support of the community toward visitor attraction.

With the Long Term Planning process underway now is the time to ensure your RTO’s destination marketing strategy is aligned with your destination management agenda and economic development portfolio to capitalise on the forecast national growth profile.

TRC has an experienced team that can work with Councils to define a strategy and structure to make the most of their economic development investment.

TRC’s Chris Rose and Tracy Johnston will be attending the Local Government New Zealand Conference in Auckland next month.  Delegates will be able to sit down and chat with Chris and Tracy at the TRC stand about how Councils can actively plan for, and manage tourism growth, and maximise its contribution to the regional economy.