We are happy to continue our support for the Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference (“Global Eco”) and acknowledge the hard work of the event organisers for their ability to adapt to the current climate as we all navigate how to best deliver world class conferences.

Global Eco brings together the world’s leading speakers on ecotourism, sustainability and responsible tourism. The conference uses keynote speakers to open up discussions across the key thematic areas and concurrent theme streams to develop discussions. TRC Senior Consultant Penny Spoelder will deliver a presentation titled:

Reflect, Rethink, Reboot: tourism in 2020 and beyond

Sustainable tourism is now a business imperative for every destination in Australia. As we stare down each and every crisis from drought, flood, fire and global pandemic and stimulus packages are rolled out to ensure that tourism can support wider economic and social recovery, surely its time to reflect and rethink our approach to tourism – How do we unpick the things that don’t work, modify our brief, steady our focus and create positive change through tourism?

By rethinking what tourism can offer our communities and our visitors and the natural and cultural resources on which we depend, we can create value beyond economic return. Some places are inviting residents to co-create tourism strategies that affect them and their communities in which they live. They are ensuring that they take action to build resilience, amplify the benefits of tourism and reduce the impacts of major crisis.

This presentation explores a new way to ‘do tourism’ and presents some case studies from Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere on how communities are reflecting, rethinking and rebooting their approach to tourism.