TRC Tourism have been undertaking field assessment, planning and engagement with Traditional Owners to refine the preliminary concept plans to develop North Queensland’s Paluma to Wallaman Falls Trail Business Case.

The Paluma to Wallaman Falls trail proposal includes 120 kilometres of an ancient Indigenous trading line, a language line and a songline interconnecting three traditional owner groups and is focussed on the spectacular landscapes rainforests and waterfalls of the Great Dividing Range northwest of Townsville.

Warrgamay Traditional Owner Thomas Holden describes these Songlines as “the living narrative of our nation, our history written in the land. In times past, to travel this trail and follow the Songlines required you to carry a message stick, without which you may never have returned from your journey. A message stick is your right to passage. It allows strangers from other nations to walk on this country and immerse themselves in a spiritual experience unique to the region”.

TRC trail specialist Chris Halstead and Lachy Mackay-Wiggins have been on Country with the Gugu Badhan people and Warrgamay people to undertake further trail technical assessment and to gather a greater understanding of how future visitors to this land can take up the message stick and experience the cultural pilgrimage through this incredible land, to live the spiritual journey and to experience a deep connection to our country.

TRC have completed a week of assessments and consultation with community members to further develop the Business Case and to explore opportunities for the Paluma to Wallaman Falls Trail to become a distinctive world class trail and cultural experience that complements and showcases the landscape, environment and culture.