We’re happy to announce a fresh new look and focus for our LinkedIn group formerly known as TRC Sustainable Trails Network, this will now be called Sustainable Trails!
Why the change? We’ve listened to feedback from our trail conferences, and what we are hearing is that the industry wants to continue to learn, share, and connect with each other. By shifting away from the former TRC branding of this group, we aim to create this inclusive space.
But here’s the thing: a network is only as strong as its members. We encourage you to add, share, and invite your trail-loving friends to join this group. Let’s keep the conversation alive, share our passion for trails, and forge meaningful connections along the way.
If you’ve attended any of the five TRC Sustainable Trails Conferences since 2017, you may recognise this LinkedIn group. However, it’s not exclusive to conference attendees—it’s open to all professionals in the trails industry, and we invite you to join and start a conversation.
Join the Sustainable Trails group here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13528227/