‘Kakadu’s stories are painted on stone, embedded in the landscape and present in plants and animals. These stories have continued to be shared by Bininj / Mungguy for generations.’

Last week, TRC consultant Tracey Diddams, Senior Bininj man Victor Cooper and Kakadu super staff Anja and Adrian spent the week showcasing the very best of Kakadu to Trigger Design.

With our history and close relationship with Kakadu and Bininj / Mungguy, we are delighted to be supporting Trigger Design with the development of a Kakadu Visitor Interpretation (Storytelling) Strategy.

Our visit was just the first introduction to Kakadu, with more in depth consultation with Bininj / Mungguy, park staff and project partners planned from early 2023.

The Kakadu Interpretation Strategy is an opportunity to ensure the right stories are delivered in meaningful ways, enabling visitors to deeply connect with Kakadu, taking home memories of the park’s intrinsic cultural and natural values to share with others.

‘Bininj guides can tell stories about country from their hearts.’ Kakadu Board of Management Member.