TRC Consultant Tracey Diddams has continued monthly visits to Kalumburu in the north east Kimberley region. This months focus was on developing business plans with community members and promotional material for the region. After preparing a business plan, Margaret is ready to start her guided tour business ‘See Kalumburu Tours’. We spent time practising the tour with visitors, who loved the experience and would highly recommend to family and friends in the future. Another business plan was prepared with Esther, who dreams of starting her own coffee cart business and selling homemade healthy food options to the local residents and visitors to the region. Esther will undertake barista training through TAFE next month, while we continue to investigate funding options. Both women are keen to develop their own businesses to be able to provide employment and training opportunities to community members and encourage them to consider their own business development paths.

Our final goal was to develop a Visitor Guide for the region, promoting things to see and do, places to stay and showing cultural respect. This has been complemented with a visitor survey, at the end of the season TRC will compile results from the survey to support future tourism development in the region.

We are looking forward to visiting again next month, with a few more business ideas on the horizon we can’t wait to share with you.