What do you think of when you hear the description ‘Mid West’?

Dry, flat and desert-like country with a few cattle stations and small towns? Mid West Western Australia is certainly none of those. This week, TRC Director Janet Mackay and consultant Tracey Diddams were invited to meet with Yamatji Nation cultural groups and spend some time exploring country – a lush paradise where rolling green hills meet the turquoise ocean, where the Pink Lake attracts brides from far and wide hoping to dip their toes in the pink waters as a blessing, where the vast night skies hold some of the largest concentrations of Indigenous creation stories in the world, where seasonal wildflowers carpet the landscape and where bushtucker and wildlife is in abundance.

As part of the Yamatji Nation Indigenous Land Use Agreement, Yamatji people are finally able to tell their stories and determine the future of country. Tourism is an exciting part of this journey and as the wildflowers now start to bloom, we can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.