World leaders all over the globe know how essential tourism is at driving their economy further, aiding with the development of more jobs with each year that travellers visit a destination. In fact, even locals living in cities prefer to spend their weekends exploring natural places like the countryside to experience a laidback rural lifestyle.

More local governments are slowly realising how fundamental it is to continue coming up with ways to promote their towns and convince visitors near and far to pay their area a visit. Unfortunately, if people can’t easily find out about what a specific place offers and ways to explore, they begin to question if it’s worth spending a couple of days going off the beaten track.

Fortunately, more travel-goers are opting for more meaningful experiences, choosing to immerse in nature, rather than spending countless hours in the hustle of city life. One way to accommodate the demand is to create recreational trails with the help of tourism developers.

Keep reading below to learn about the trails and why sustainable recreational trails are the key to attracting more visitors.

What Are Recreational Tourist Trails?

A recreational trail serves as a new attraction for local residents which promotes health and well being, and for visitors it can lure them to a less famous region or town because of what the place can offer. Recreational trails encourage people to visit an area that holds a particular interest to them and will value add to their typical itinerary.

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How to Plan the Perfect Tourist Trail

Experience & Product Development

Nature trails come in various forms—walking trails, biking and mountain bike trails, kayaking trails, horse riding trails, driving trails, and more. They can include hiking, mountain biking, sightseeing, or all those activities combined in creating multiple trails. However, it will ultimately depend on your resources, budget, and activities in store. Find out how we can help with your experience and product development.

What you can do as part of finding out what kind of new recreational trail you’re willing to offer, is to take a closer look at your area to better understand its features. Asking help from a tourism consulting firm allows you to carefully outline the kind of visitors you want to target and whether it includes day-trippers or grey nomads

Feasibility Studies & Planning

After breaking down the details of the potential trail, you need to dig deeper and learn what theme you should be focusing on, including its concept, design, and framework. If you want to provide a one of a kind experience, you need to know whether you’re capable of offering the features in locations you know people would love to check out.

For best results, you should speak to sustainable tourism experts that have the knowledge and experience to tell you if your plan will be successful. Get in touch with us about our feasibility studies and business planning services for help with this.

Visitor Interpretation Planning

If you’re hoping to attract more people to your area, you have to assure them you have something new to give, beginning with inspecting your town for different things to do. If you know your town is famous for your food, produce, culture, history, or outdoor activities, it will help to find some connection to that with what you plan to put up.

Anything is possible when you have a plan up your sleeve, the dedication to start the project, and the funds to make it happen. For developments that are limited to a particular budget, you could find collaborators, partners, or investors that are also interested in your endeavours. Get in touch with us for help with visitor interpretation planning.  


Managing a recreational trail project is no easy task. However, if it’s for the future of your town or region, then it’s worth doing whatever it takes to ensure its development goes smoothly and according to plan.

Part of forming the perfect recreational trail is to scout your area carefully, decide what kind of trail you want to provide, and evaluate whether your plan is doable. Working alongside a professional tourism consulting firm is necessary to help prevent wasting efforts, money, and time in an ineffective recreational trail project.

Need help with your recreational trail project?

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