The best governance models we see operating in Australia and New Zealand have some defining features including:  a clear vision and business focus; revenue improvement mechanisms that encourage investment from existing and new operators; and community involvement. The models tend to facilitate tourism growth and improve access to funding opportunities.

Given the high cost of ongoing maintenance of the existing and proposed trail network, the Yarra Ranges Council is seeking to establish a sustainable governance and business model for the ongoing management of the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail, the proposed Warburton MTB hub, the Yarra Valley Trail and, potentially other trails in the Yarra Valley.  It’s in everybody’s interests to get this right; mountain bike and trail groups, community groups, economic and commerce groups are all keen to establish a governance and business model that will ensure sustainable management of the trail network. The next step is to present some options and reach agreement with the trail partners on the preferred one. Watch this space for the outcome.