Best practice trail asset management.

TrailVision helps land managers achieve their vision for their trail networks, by providing the technology needed to access critical information and make informed decisions and well-informed management control. A customised platform will give back productive time by alleviating the frustration of current systems with a user-friendly process to create reporting confidence and informed decisions.

TrailVision has been the brainchild of Craig Meinicke the founder of Blue-Sky Trails, a risk and asset management agency who consult to trail builders and land managers, and Alan Gould, a strategic information systems developer. Both are experienced in the implementation of practical and easy to use systems and processes for a range of industries. TRC Trails (sister company to TRC Tourism) has partnered with TrailVision to assist with business development and delivery of client services and consultation. To date we have signed up several councils and land managers who are trialing the platform.

TrailVision will allow for the trail network to be managed on one dashboard that will integrate with your current asset management system and link into your finance system.

  • Using TrailVision platform will develop baselines for your organisation’s maintenance scheduling and budgeting
  • The TrailVision dashboard provides access to tracking and benchmarking of the ratio of your trails’ value against their maintenance cost
  • The TrailVision platform helps capture data critical to securing funding grants.
  • The dedicated app makes it simple to not only capture maintenance issues but also generate reports.
  • The TrailVision platform provides a framework for capturing and rectifying issues via work orders, while tracking and reporting progress. The dashboard will help you track and benchmark issues and resolution times – because if you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage it.


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