TRC Tourism consultants Penny Spoelder and Chris Ord are currently on NSW’s Eurobodalla Coast assessing potential for it to become an adventure trail hotspot as part of the development of the Mogo Adventure Trail Strategy. Prior to hosting two workshops with organisational and community stakeholders and trail user groups, the pair spent the day getting a handle on the network of semi-formal and informal trails that exist as the foundation of what could potentially become one of NSW’s premier adventure MTB hubs.
Says Chris: “having ridden about 40km of the trails, I have to say the quality of what has been constructed purely from a groundswell of local rider passion is impressive. Some of the trails match the riding quality and build of trails elsewhere in Australia that have had professional builders and lots of dollar investment. The commitment and passion of the community here to creating and maintaining a quality trail network is impressive and it has by default created a strong foundation for the future prospects of an Adventure Trail Hub based out of the small village of Mogo.”
The TRC Team will continue to meet with community and stakeholders to develop a trail strategy that will build on the strengths of the location and existing network while looking to “fill the gaps” to unlock the bigger picture potential of the region in terms of trail tourism. “It’s an exciting project because of that latent potential,“ says Chris . “Mogo is perfectly positioned as an easily accessible nature-based adventure tourism destination being in a sweet spot of reach for Canberra, Wollongong and Sydney plus there is a good-sized regional population that will benefit from formalised trails. With better connectivity, signage and interpretation, investment in new build and existing trail improvements and the empowerment of user groups and better coordination between land managers and users, Mogo could rise to be one of NSW’s premier trail destinations.”