We are often sought out by clients to visit a site or area of land to consider the feasibility and future potential as a visitor attraction or destination. 
This month TRC Tourism was invited by BECA to join a team in the Marshall Islands to visit Bikini Atoll where the local government is looking at the feasibility of re-establishing land based tourism. Bikini Atoll was the site of a series of nuclear tests in the 40’s and 50’s. The legacy of those tests is coconut tree covered islands, abundant marine and bird life, a fleet of diving wreaks and underwater craters, and a series of observation bunker remains. It is stunningly beautiful and intrepidly remote and three years ago was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, beyond a handful of staff managing radiation monitoring and maintenance on rotation, the Bikinians have been unable to re-settle on the islands of the Atoll due to radiation contamination. The story of the Bikinian people and their Atoll is both heart wrenching and compelling. To be able to be part of a team to help create a way for them to revive their culture and sense of place will be a privilege. It is a complex but potentially hugely rewarding way ahead.